How do I assign relations?

So I have two pages.

  1. Carriers
  2. Loads

I want to assign a Carrier to a Load or many Loads.
When I create a relation and use the ‘set column’ action to assign the carrier, it blocks out the button. Please see the video. Any way around this? Perhaps I’m using the relation feature incorrectly?

Hi @Cohort,

Check this out! : carriers and leads.mp4 - Google Drive ( Hope I’m correct! :slightly_smiling_face: )

I’m sorry that I added carry instead of carriers :sweat_smile: my bad :person_facepalming:

And also Robert did some videos about this! Here are two : Glide: A BETTER Trebuchet Method for Multiselect - YouTube , Glide: TWO WAYS to Allow Users to RSVP, Register and Join - YouTube

Thank you

I’m sort of confused. You have a lot going on your video. :fearful:

I need to be able to assign one carrier to one load. I don’t need a joined list.

Do you think we can hop on a call if you’re willing to help me out? :slight_smile:

Oops. Sorry! Where?

Oh only one carrier. I think you need something like this : add carier to lead.mp4 - Google Drive

I believe the button is invisible because the relation is empty.

I think you have 2 ways to go here.

  • Assign loads while viewing a carrier.

You don’t need any relations here, just show a list of loads that have not been assigned, then the “Assign” action would set the current screen’s carrier name/carrier ID (whatever is unique) to the load’s “Carrier” column.

  • Assign carrier while viewing a road.

Show a choice component for loads and assign the available carriers to the carrier column. This must be done one by one (for each load).