How could I create a report from "user-specific" columns?

I made an app for my gym and we have challenges that members participate in. I have an “Admin” section in the app for the trainers at the gym to see various info about the members.

I’m trying to figure out how to create a report for a specific challenge. On the user side, they check a box that toggles a Boolean column named “Complete” and that column is user-specific. There are 21 challenges, i.e. “Try a new food” or “Average 10k steps/day”. Is there any way to have the user submit these results to be recorded in a new row?

I currently have a button “Submit Final Results” that records other info from user-specific columns in a new row, but those each have their own specific column for each challenge. I’m trying to wrap my head around how to do it for this group of challenges, because there is only one “Complete” column with different values in each row.

Ya…no easy solution. If you’re looking for JUST an export of data for yourself, you can export a table by right clicking on it from the data editor.
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However, if you’re looking to create in-app reports/leaderboards etc using completion data, then you’re best bet is to either add new rows to a “completion log” sheet (row intensive) or by using the “trebuchet method” to create a comma separated list of users that have created a challenge (very lean, but doesn’t capture any additional data past “who completed what”).

Here’s a video I just created that outlines how:


Thanks, I think this may work for my scenario. I’ll try to implement it soon and report back.

I noticed you were using Pages in the video. My app is built for mobile, so I just need to figure out the cleanest way to present the list and buttons.

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