How can I update row values based off of choice component

Hi everyone,
I am having the user select a serial number via a choice component and then I would like to update the values of that specific row with the serial number when I click a button. How can I do this. I know this is possible with a list component but I would rather do this via a form style setup

Choice component → value

Relation column → value relates to a value in the row you want to update

Button → Set column value action → Source Data = Relation Column → Update column values

It only allows me to set the source as “this item” or “user profile row”

Did you create the single relation column in the same table as the choice component input?

Yes. it sets a temp input from the choice component in the user profile row, but it doesnt let me select that specific cell column. Only the row as a whole. The page is setup with one choice component and a button below it. The button triggers the custom action

Can you do a screencast using loom?

Main data has the information i’m trying to change. User profile row has the relation column

What “specific row” are you talking about here? Seems like you’re still not setting up a relation.