How can I make money with my app?


any ideas how to monetize the apps?

Thank you

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You could make a private Glide app filled with ideas for monetizing Glide apps, then sell access to it.


We also have a buy button coming to Glide Apps in the near future. This will allow you to sell items from within your apps via Stripe.


@JackVaughan do you have an estimated date range for that release?

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I don’t yet @codyeli, but it’s not far off. :slight_smile:

You could use some kind of affiliate link if you’re mentioning products.

You could sell the app itself by getting people to pay you for the link to it.

It’s clunky, as they’d then have to use the “Copy app” button and share that copy to themselves. Furthermore, any updates you make they won’t receive.

Alternatively, they could just install the app from that link and they would then get updates. However, their data, yours and anyone else’s is in the one sheet - which the app author has access to. Not great for privacy!

There’s also nothing to stop them reselling it. But, I’ve been selling WordPress plugins for years and that’s always a risk.

I mage the Glide guys are already thinking about the issues around data privacy and how to sell apps whilst protecting the author’s rights.

Is there any way to add commission?

I did it manually for my marketplace.

Partners edit item Price x commission = displayed price to customers