How can I make a floating button today in glide?

Help-me please, I’m in a project that I need this floating button, but today in New Glide, I can’t find a new method to create this feature.

There isn’t a method to do it for now, natively.

Maybe you can try HTML with inline styling in a rich text component, but I’m not sure it would work well.

Exactly. The CSS doesn’t work well, because the item locks in axis Y, so, the item can’t follow the screen. Is there any method to “unlock” the Y axis?

Some sort of Position: fixed;

Hi! I tested this feature, but doesn’t work well. The same problem, the item doesn’t move in axis Y. Can’t follow the screen. Would I be doing something wrong?

What do you mean by “follow the screen”?

The button is not locked at the bottom, it is locked in one part only. Like in the picture:

Have you entered a bottom parameter?

“Bottom: 0 !important;”


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Yes, but doesn’t work. See the entire code and the result.