How can I get the Length of a string please?

As you can see in the pic
I’m using Cloudinary to display user’s first name of the mug.
Ly-Mei is my first name.

It would be cool to adjust the font size to the max height.
For short first names.

Is there something like a Length(String) I can use?
I didn’t see anywhere in Cloudinary how to “fit” a text horizontally AND vertically.
Only fixed font size. Or exact pixels.

But if I can compute a string length, I can conditionally change the font size.

Thks :slight_smile:


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You’re Beautiful.
I’ll have a closer look to the other plugins.
I forgot :grin:

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Yeah, the plugins were a bit of a game changer. So many things we used to struggle to do in the data editor are trivial to do now :slight_smile:


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