How can I create an App from a Template?

I’m new to Glide, but not to No-Code, and I’m a developer. However, I consider it is hard to start with Glide. All the tutorials are I have found are old. And I feel a frustration that a simple thing that using a Template I cannot do it. Why? Because I have a free version of Glide?

I mean, I have experience. I have installed many templates on other applications, but now I cannot. When I choose Template from my workspace, I get a screen with “Things”. What does it mean? Why can I not choose a Template from the templates page?

Until now, my user experience is hard … it is not as intuitive as I believed that this application would be.
I do not know what I’m doing wrong. Can anyone help me? How can I create an App from a Template?

Can you step us through what you are doing with some screenshots or a video? It almost sounds like you are attempting to create a brand new private template instead of trying to copy a template from the template store.

Are you using the template store?

Thanks for replaying. Was there a problem with the server today? The problem was that nothing happened when I selected a template, instead it led me to login and there I couldn’t select anything. But, now I have tested again and when I choose Template then, I can create a copy of the Template. It was unable to do that before

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There was indeed a problem with templates in the last few days. Sounds like it’s working again.

If you have any questions going forward about building with Glide, please let us know by creating new threads. Hope your building journey will be better than this initial experience!

Please check this out for the latest tutorials from the team.

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