How can I add dates other than TODAY in IFTTT?

What I want to do is this:
I have a time column, if a person changes info about a restaurant the time of change and the person that changes is added.
I want to make recent changes clear with the word CHANGED.
So I thought to use an If This Then That column
If DATE is within now and X days ago, then CHANGED, else empty.
How can I add dates other than TODAY in IFTTT?

I think you can add a math column to calculate how many days it has been since the change (relative to your “X”). Then:

If “days since change” is less than or equal to X then CHANGED, else empty.

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Mmm thanks, but doing math with date and time doesnt feel like an easy thing too :wink:
I will see where I end up! Thanks.

It’s actually really, really simple…

Let’s say you want to highlight anything that’s changed in the past 7 days.

  • Math column using the formula Now-7
  • If-then-else column:
    – If Change Date is on or after math column, then CHANGED

And that’s it :slight_smile:


that feels doable!

If I do NOW-7 in a match column, it wants me to replace NOW with data from a column. But is shouldnt be like that, should it?


Funny, when I read the IFTTT word here I thought: WTF… what does IFTTT service have to do with a dates logic? :rofl:

For me, IFTTT is this: and the Glide component for this kind of logic is ITE.

Have a nice weekend!


Ah thanks so much!

To me its different names for the same idea :wink:

All working fine now! Thanks again!

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