Is "if-then-else" column autoupdated when "today" changes?


  1. Create a column with properties:
  • Name: DateTimeColumn
  • Type: Date/Time
  1. Create a column with properties:
  • Name: ConditionalColumn
  • Type: If-Then-Else with the following logic: “If DateTimeColumn is before today then True else False”
  1. Create a new row with properties:
  • DateTimeColumn: current date + 1 day.
  1. Notice that:
  • ConditionalColumn automatically evaluated to False.
  1. Wait for 2 days.

Expected: ConditionalColumn automatically evaluated to True, because DateTimeColumn is before today (after waiting for 2 days).

Actual: that’s the question - will ConditionalColumn automatically evaluate to True?

Yes, when comparing to Now or Today, it’s a realtime comparison based on the local time of the device viewing the app.