Home screen and login credentials

I want my app to show login credentials when anyone opens the app followed by some banner and also want to add a home screen.
Can anybody tell me how to go about it?

What do you mean “login credentials” in this case?

I want my app to show login with when I open it…

Do you mean info related to the signed-in user? Do you have a visual example?

I want specific users so i want to create something like if someone open my app it shows sign-in or login.

You just need to have a login screen, if I understand what you mean. Have you set it up?

Yes, How to set up a login screen?

Thank you so much:)

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Do I need to upgrade my app for setting up a login screen?

No you don’t. But some features for setting up the login screen is only available for paid users.

Okay, thank you so much:)

There is an option in settings sign-in screen, I have edited it but I am not getting any option to enable it on my app, how to enable it?

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Thank you so much:)

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