Hi, I'm Erwin Blom

Hey, I’m Erwin Blom.
Hi all, I’m from Amsterdam and a Dutch innovation specialist with a background in music and media. I grew up in the days of punk, the days of Do It Yourself. Start your own band, your own magazine, your own label, your own club.
When I became active on the internet in 1994, it felt like punk again, it felt like a DIY medium where I now could start my own magazine, label, radio station, tv station etc. Of course the big boys made it a commercial space, but in essence you can still do what you want.
That’s where no code comes in. DIY for the people that can’t code. This is an example of an app I made for my band, 40 years in existence :wink:


@erwblo I feel the same way about the internet. Although music is a passion of mine, it was only when I started meeting developers & entrepreneurs and hanging out with people in this space that I felt I’d found my community.

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I’m happy in both worlds, make my money in the world of entrepreneurs, but love nothing more than music!

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