Hi, I'm a little late on introducing myself

Hi, I am very new to this area and I am trying to learn it. I’m north of 50 years old and I live in Florida USA. I am disabled and am on a ton of meds so I find myself dozing off right in the middle of watching a video to learn… LoL. I hate that part. Getting old isn’t for the weak. Anyway, there seem to be a lot of good people here and I hope to learn how you guys do things here and I am really thankful for your help. My name is Bradley, but I’ve gone by Somps for such a long time. It’s a long story. I grew up with asians who had a difficult time saying my name so that’s the short story of how I got my nickname. Somps with a long o as in home. Thank you!!!


Hi Somps, great to have you here and don’t hesitate asking for help while learning Glide, we’ll always try to give appropriate answers.

I’m wondering if you saw my request about a scorecard app?

Yes I just had a look and replied to you over there.