Hi, I am from indonesia 😁

I am Deddy Kurniawan, I am a lecturer at one of the universities in Indonesia, East Kalimantan. I have a desire to have another job when it comes to creating apps that can help with a lot of the problems that exist in my environment. I see Glide as one of the solutions that can help me make this happen with the condition that I don’t have much time to learn the specific programming to build an application.



thanks for always share your learning videos in youtube robert, im so feel helpful with your youtube…
please help me more…how to make like this picture, is it use rich text, table component or what

thanks once more for helping us

Thanks for the kind words. Currently, the only way to create something like that would be to use html. Unfortunately, my html table skills aren’t as polished as others in this forum. Perhaps @Darren_Murphy could chime in?

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I added a tutorial a while back that covers some of this. It probably needs updating, but it might provide a good start.

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thanks for your kindly help and answer Robert…

yes…i’ve been watched the learning…many thanks Darren