Hey! I'm Jack


My name’s Jack, I work on Glide’s documentation & videos.

I live in the UK. In addition to working at Glide, I’m a musician and online course creator.

When I’m not working on either of these, I love:

  • Family time :family_man_woman_girl_boy:
  • Going on trips :blue_car:
  • Parties! :tada::clinking_glasses::dancer:t3:
  • Playing piano :musical_keyboard:

But to be honest, I love what I do - so I actually end up working on it in my ‘spare time’ as well. :wink:


Love your videos and the documentation is so easy to follow. Thank you!

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Thanks Amy! Any ideas you have – I’d love to hear them. Always useful to know what people need more of in terms of videos/explanations. :love_you_gesture:t3:

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