Help with update values in a related colum

Hi there, I am following the online example from Robert Petitto about a referral app.
So the code is created, and shared with other people.

I have 1 relation (Rel_Valid) who check the owner of the referral_code to see when people use the correct code (and subscribe)

And I would like to award the code owner when the referred user reaches the level2.
I am trying to update the EXP value … using the rel_Valid relation, but… looks like I am doing something wrong

Update action (the one which doesn’t work)

Any help?
Thanks in advance

This is what I am trying to do

Thanks! (sorry as newbie 1 media per post)

Hi @Fab3r

Are you trying to award a user EXP if someone else signs up with their code?


Hi @Robert_Petitto and thanks for your reply :pray:

I already find the way to assign XP once a new user signs up with their code (using the WhoUsedMyCode colum + the HowMany)

I would like to award XP to User 1, 'cause my user (Faber who used the User 1 code) has reached the level2: The goal is to award not only signups but an active users.

Hm…still not following. Do you mean:

  • “User 2” uses “User 1” promo code
  • “User 1” gets initial XP
  • “User 1” gets additional XP when “User 2” levels up?

Yes, correct!

Is it a one-time bonus or recurring multiplier?

one-time bonus: once the “User 2” reach the level 2 > “User 1” gets additional XP

I was thinking to add a column “assigned” as well to track once the XP has been assigned (to avoid double bonus)

I get what you’re trying to do, but I don’t see an easy way of accomplishing this. Glide doesn’t allow for background actions yet so to claim those points, user 1 would be to click a button to initiate the increment. That’s all fine and good except where do you place the button? It would have to be tied to user 2’s profile somehow… perhaps an in-line list of users filtered to the ones that have used User1’s code AND have reached level 2? You wouldn’t display user information but rather some text that says claim bonus points? You can create an action for that in line list that awards points and marks a timestamp or some thing. Would this work?

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Yes, I know about the background action, so I planned to connect the action to the Admin panel, once the Admin approve the task/challenge > I am planning to make a check (“User 2” reaches level-2) and if not already assigned, assign extra XP to “User 1”…
But… Why I cannot update the column using the current table structure and relationships? Every time I using my action (as in the picture) the “User 2” column, EXP increment doesn’t work :frowning:

Is there something wrong (…ehm yes, for sure) in my structure? Why I cannot update “User 1” EXP if I am in the “User 2” profile, despite the Rel_valid relation?

By the way @Robert_Petitto congrats for your great videos especially for your way of building app and include a lot of controls. Thanks

But I got your suggestion about the inline list… working on that! Thanks