Help with creating many-to-many relationships between two tables

l want to create a many to many relationship between clients and brands with a joining table.

  • such users will be able to add brands to a client. They can do this by into the client details while adding a survey.
    -If the brand does not already exist, they will be able to create a new brand

So do you mean you’ll have a column to determine which brands (multiple allowed) are related to which clients?

If that’s the case, I would show a multiple choice component in each client’s add/edit screen to choose which brands are related to the current client, and add a form button just below that choice so users can add new brands, when needed.

This is assuming a brand can be related to multiple clients.

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Yeah, you are absolutely right… is there a resources or tutorials videos that can help me in creating such relationships


Those tutorials are fantastic. Thanks for making them @Robert_Petitto

Slightly off-topic questions:

  1. Is the trebuchet method one worth learning?; even though there have been a lot of Glide updates. I remember you saying it was good for a particular use case. but, not for others… I may need to rewatch that one.

  2. What topics/videos would you recommend learning after these?

Youtube feature request:
A playlist for beginners. (you have a ton of videos)

Trebuchet is a useful technique to have in your Glide toolbox, but I think Bob would agree with me when I say that its uses these days are limited. For example, you can often get the same result with a simple multi-select choice component. One of the primary inspirations for Trebuchet was that we didn’t have a multi-select option back then.

My advice would be to learn how to work with JSON data structures, as these are much more powerful than anything you can do with Trebuchet.


I agree with this. Ever since Darren told me to use JSON more, especially in Make, my data structures are much better than before.

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