Help with an App Idea

I am thinking about creating a new app and wanted to see if Glide could be the platform I use.

Link to someone’s profile page directly without having to login
On this profile page if you are logged in you could vote on sets of images that are the best. Kind of like upvoting on reddit

Each person can upload their best images and ask for feedback from the group. The group would be able to pick the best 6 images then vote on what set is the best 6.

So if you are not logged in your can upvote and downvote sets. But you have to be logged in to pick the top 6 of someones images and submit them to that person’s set of images.

Hi, I think that this app from @Roldy could inspire you.

  • no login
  • navigating to profiles
  • multiselect in an inline list, so close to vote function
    etc …
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