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I’m creating an application for scheduling the vehicles of the company I work for, in this case we have 03 identical cars, and to schedule the user has to select a date, a time and finally the car. The logic of the application is that when the user selects the date and time, there is a filter that consults a table where we already have some appointments completed, so users will not be able to select the same car for the same day and the same time.

I’m technically blocked in this part, I can’t create logic in the tables so that there is this filter, so that when the user completes a booking, the car they selected does not appear to other users on the same date and time.

I would be grateful for any kind of help. Thanks.

The below might help.


Thanks You.

Do you know if there is a way to use or something similar to CONT.IF in Excel but in glide?

@FelipeMilian try Query column

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Another tutorial that you might find informative:

Thanks, but it didn’t work :confused:

What didn’t work?

I took the videos as examples and was unable to apply the logic to my application. I have a table where I have a “unique value” and in another table also the same “unique value”, I now need to take another table and add these values ​​to check how many times it is repeated, that is, there are 3 tables, 2 with unique values and 1 that will add and bring the result, in execel I do this through CONT.IF

Can you show me some screen shots of the data so that I can better visualise your goal?

It should be fairly straight forward.

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Darren, if possible, I recorded a video if possible, you could watch it, I would be very grateful.

Thank you for your attention.

Happy to watch the video, but you need to make it public first :wink:

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Sorry, Follow the link.

First up, nice work dubbing with ElevenLabs.

So as I understand, users choose a date, a time slot and then you want to be able to show only cars that haven’t been booked for that same slot?

You can bring the chosen date and time slot to the cars table, then use a query column that points to the Bookings table and filter by the date, time slot and the car to check for matches. If there’s a match, you don’t show the car.


Firstly, thank you for your attention, I used ElevenLabs but I don’t know if it was good ;).

Come on, the way you thought is correct, I did this logic using Google Sheets, I create a “UNIQUE ID” using DATE, TIME AND CAR to be able to check if that vehicle already has a scheduled time. I want to bring these formulas into GLIDE because Sheets sometimes “bugs”.

So far I haven’t been able to find a logic between the GLIDE tables that I have in my app, but I’m trying :confused:

Please try doing this and report back to us what you find. Ideally, you should bring all logic you can to Glide Tables.