Aplicativo agendamento veiculo


I would like to work on a scheduling app for the company I work for

The employee can define a time for a specific day and a specific vehicle, for the selected vehicle the date and time that another employee scheduled may not be available, we only have 3 vehicles.


The employee selects a day of the month, then selects a time that is available and then selects the available car, then fills in the rest of the information to be sent to the scheduling spreadsheet

I need to show only the available times for the selected CAR
The same time cannot be scheduled on the same day for the same car.
Can someone help me?

I can record a video of the application.

So the โ€œperiod of timeโ€ that a vehicle is occupied can be any duration?

Yes, it can be of any duration. Maybe we program a 1-hour time slot for each appointment, but I wanted it to be a free choice for the user.

Check out this video by @Loqode. I think it can give you the right steps to integrate it to your system.