Help me with Relation please

Hi Community , I am working on auto wage calculator
I making Wage Calculator sheet which working well so far so I continue on individual employee count sheet . Idea is that the sheet will conclude those attendance each week which my main calculator sheet will look up those number of weekly attendance and calculate with formula

  1. I build relation from Calculator sheet Date ( I pay my employee every Saturday) with End Date column of my employee sheet ( Pic1-2)
  2. I build Lookup column (Pic3) to get those numbers of attendance
  3. It didn’t work ( previously I working on get base salary from another sheet related by name , works well)

Most likely your relation isn’t working because the dates also contain a time component (which isn’t apparent in the editor). This is a common problem when building relations using dates.

Try this:

  • For each of the two date columns that you want to match in the relation, create a Math column using the following formula:
Year(Date) * 10000
+ Month(Date) * 100
+ Day(Date)
  • This will give you a number that looks like 20230418 (for todays date, for example)
  • Use those two Math columns to create your relation.

Really really thanks your kind help !!