HELP! Images not showing for COVID Testing QR Codes

My BIGGEST client messaged saying all of a sudden their QR codes weren’t showing. I have NO IDEA why not? Maybe I’m missing something, but this feature has been in place for at least a week, maybe more like two, and I haven’t touched it.
The data is there, and it shows on one page, but not another.
Here’s a video:

Does anyone have some thoughts?

Is it a Pro app? Is it possible you’ve run out of storage space?

It’s a pro-app, but I’m only at 900ish rows and I tried adding the image to my AWS and putting that link in too. It seems to be something with going to the page again as it shows fine on the “home” page.

We messed something up. A fix is on the way. Please don’t modify your apps in the mean time.


Should be all good now.