Help! i deleted a screen, is there a way to recover it?

i deleted a link to screen in acton which holds links to other screens… now all is gone!!! and there is no undo in action :frowning: 2 weeks of work!!!
any advice?
when we gonna have screens that we can link too ? this will not be a problem if we can create screens and than link to them…

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:sob: I don’t think so

oh … why there is no undo in action??? that sucks!!!

Saving screens would be something I’d really look forward to…


@david might be able to reset the app to that moment for you, before the screen was deleted. Sorry for such a late response.

I am not available to manually undo mistakes people make in apps.

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Couldn’t you pull up a old version of the app where it isn’t deleted?

old version??? how?, where?

oh, i’m not asking for that… :wink:
just the undo button in action editor, and link to existing screens or actions… it hurts sometimes…