Help for questionnaire form and display of chart comparison

I need your professional advice on

  1. which template could be useful to develop my own application,
  2. whether there are any ways to display radar chart for the purpose of highlighting the change between before and after
  3. how I can upload my photos to application in MAP
I just started Glide with no previous experience of application development. But I am preparing for my own business which requires mobile application development. As a prototype, I am trying to develop the one with the following functions: Step1 To log in the application on a smart phone (i phone or else) Step2 To answer 15 questions (yes/no answer) such as are you feeling stressed? or did you wake up this morning without feeling slack? etc. Step3 To answer the same 15 questions (yes/no answer) (after some activity) Step4 The app to display the graph (ideally radar chart) showing the comparison before/after the activity Step5
  1. MAP
    I tried to display the locations on MAP and upload my photos of those locations but in vain.

Best Regards,
Daisuke Ikegami

Hi Daisuke,

Yours is an interesting use case of radar chart. However at the moment the only way to do it is via Quickchart.

To upload photos, you should use the image picker component. Have you tried using those? You can also upload the images in an image column inside the Data Editor.

Regarding the form, use only 1 form as you have the same questions and potentially number the submissions sequentially using a compound action or a Spreadsheet formula. Then build the data for Quickchart with a joined text column.

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