Help configuring NEW data every day

I am building (or trying) to build an app that uses data from a new inventory spreadsheet that is emailed every morning at 9a.

I have ZAPIER pulling the attachment from gmail and saving to my Google drive.

I would like Glide to grab the new file automatically. How can I do that?

Please help, if you are able.

You have to write the content of the file to the source spreadsheet for Glide, is that correct?

When I made the initial app, yesterday, I selected the file from 10-1, and used it as the source.

(I am very new to this - I may not know some of the terminology correctly)

Now, this morning, new file came in, I renamed and replaced the same as the original source file (from yesterday) in my Google Drive

The filename name be the same, but a new file will create a new underlying file ID that Google and I assume Glide uses. That allows you to rename a file without destroying the underlying ID. You may be able to just overwrite the same file in Google drive instead of copying and renaming. Otherwise you will have to switch the connected sheet in the glide editor each day.

Glide apps can only connect to one sheet at a time.

I will try that, but it seems now, even if I try to replace the source file, the dialog box does not show all the files in my Google drive, or even all the files in the original source folder.

Am I just lucky that I am getting the bugs today, or is this the right way to create an up to date (daily) inventory access for our sales team?

Daily email from inventory system (SAP) with inventory. Simple search function to see whats in stock and back order from the app.

You have to find a way to update that data to one sheet only, that sheet should not be changed based on daily inventory email.

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So source should always be the same, I just need to overwrite that original document, every day.

I appreciate the input, I will let you know how it goes Monday morning.