Help, building a Cameo type app


I have an idea that I would like to make an app like Cameo in Glide.

The point of the app is that fans can buy Video greetings and can talk to their favorite Celebrities.

The app should be in Estonian language.

Is here somebody who can help me? I have no experience with builing apps.

Check out these guys.
They made a tutorial just for that.

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Yeah, but it’s an half tutorial, it only shows half of the process(

I only scanned through the tutorial very quickly, but that looks like a really good jumping off point to get started and get a base app working. It looks like a few Glide interface changes have been made since the tutorial and some things are easier, like relation columns, but quite a bit is there for you.

Most people here don’t have experience building apps to begin with, but that’s the point. Glide makes it really easy to pick up and learn. After playing with it for a short amount of time, you learn quite a bit and can start to customize things how you want.

Have you began to build anything yet?

Thanks for the reply.
I will try to give it a shot tomorrow)

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