Hello from Paris

Hey GlideApp Community,
My name is Stanislas Verjus and i’m a communicant in Paris.
I’ve launch www.comovert.fr a start-up wich wich is the 100% mobile and vertical training and communication service.

I’v created my website on glide, using image to add an graphic style and i’ve done a catalog of material and stuff.

I’ve also use glide for my client, i’m actually creating the new website of a Parisian gallery.

I really love the uses of Glide,
if you have some tips, i’m open to knew everyhinnng.



Hey @Stanislas_Verjus, welcome :wave:t2:!

Sounds great. Although that link is not working for me FYI. Would love to see it.

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Sorry it’s DNS problem. this link reach the website http://www.comovert.com


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Novel idea to do your website through the app… think I might just borrow that for a project. :wink:

A project ? Ahaha let me know

Great, love the use of images. Nice work.

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Yes i thaught it was better to add image for a graphic version of my website