Hello from Japan

Hello, My name is Masaki. I am from Japan and 60 years old. I retired from the company and am looking for a job right now. I thought Glide is a chance and want to be an expert. It’s been six months since I started Glide and made 3 programs so far. They are very very basic and I want to learn more from now on.
Thank you


Masaki様、 you seem already experienced with Glide. Welcome to the community forum if this is your first time here.

I lived in Japan 4 years, graduated from a Japanese University. It feels like a lifetime ago.

It’s nice to see you here. よろしくお願いします。

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Hello Nathanaelb様, Thank you for your message. It’s nice to know that you spent your University life here in Japan. I hope it is a good memory. It’s nice to see you too. よろしくお願いします。


Welcome @Masaki_Takakubo! Great to have you here :rocket:

Thank you very much (^_^)

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