Hi from the Philippines

Hi All and advance Merry Christmas!

I am Raymond from the Philippines and I am very excited to test Glide in the coming days. I believe this tool will really help visionaries build great apps without the need to learn hard coding.

Thank you for this community


Welcome Raymond!

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Hola @monskie

Welcome to the community!!


Welcome to the family, greetings from Vietnam, fellow Asian Glider!

Welcome, monskie, thks & happy X’Mas to your tribes too! :slightly_smiling_face::snowman_with_snow:

Hey @monskie Im from PH too and new in using glide!

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Get ready to ride the rocket !

(it sounds like a slogan!) :smiley: :grin:

Hey @monskie Filipino din po ako. :slight_smile:

Just joined now in the community and new to glide - and just recently doing test project app this month to test its features and functionalities for an upcoming projects.
Hope to learn more and gather ideas/insights in the forum and might ask some help in the future.
Thank you Glide Community! :smile:


Welcome @monskie & @AlvinM To Interesting & Innovative Glide Community !

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