Hello from CT

Hello everyone. I’m Ludwing. I live inConnecticut, but I am originally from Venezuela.
I work in a company as software developer. I met Glide like a a month ago and I think it is amazing.
I’m building an App for my Church, based in one of the available templates. The App help us to get informed about Church’s events and also watch preaches from our Pastors. I am planning to add functionality to have user admin that can add content and events information.
This is the link: fcccapp.glideapp.io

It’s good to be here with you!

Thank you !!


Welcome @Ludwing! Congrats for the app!

Thanks @Lucas_Pires !!

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Hola @Ludwing

I am from Vzla as well. If you need any help feel free to ask any questions and welcome to the community!!!

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Hey @SantiagoPerez . Thank you !!
I’ve watching your videos in your channel and learnt a lot from them !
Thanks for you amazing work!
I definitely will ask you questions hehe !



Bienvenido paisano!

Saludos @Ludwing

Muchas Gracias !! @gvalero !!