Has anyone solved text streaming for OpenAI in glide?

Anyone figured this out or is just not possible right now? I’m now getting frequent emails from glide telling me about failed actions due to timeouts, which could be solved with text streaming.

I would be interested as well. If you deliver it in small chunks, I take it the number of updates would skyrocket?

I still can’t believe this is not already a feature in Glide. I’m sure there has to be some reasoning to it otherwise why not have it? It’s a pretty basic feature you see with many apps built on other NoCode platforms.


It’s literally the only thing that has me considering other platforms… :pray: fix this!

I think to have text streaming would require the data to bypass glide servers and steam directly to the client device. I’m not sure, but that could maybe lead to exposing the API key because it’s not protected behind the glide server.

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Quite possible. It would be a really nice QOL feature though if they can figure it out.

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