Happy to be here

Hello My name is Emmanuel Amarh from Ghana
And I got to know about Glide about a month ago and i think it is a very Good tool. I appreciate it a lot
I am still learning How to get my way around it. I wanted to ask if I can get a mentor to tutor me to improve. Please inbox me if you are interested

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Welcome to the community! Please feel free to ask questions in this public forum, if possible, and a lot of people will try to help.

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Hello Alright Thankyou so much…. Appretiate

Welcome Emmanuel!
The Glide University is here for you!
Learn through building and if you have questions try searching in the community forum, chances are you are not alone with the issue and someone else might have faced similar problem.
Take your time to learn the basics, I will be happy to show you how to work within constraint as a Free Glider (Free Plan Indie Developer)!

By the way take some time to create your #Glidentity using https://getavataaars.com/
Have fun gliding~


Thankyou so much Trustin, I really appreciate.

Hello Emmanuel,

Good places to start are Glide Docs, Robert Petitto’s Youtube channel, the community forum (here), and getting practical experience by building apps.

As Darren would say, read the manual. Meaning, spend time in Glide Docs.

Welcome to Glide!


Thankyou so much, i definately will