Habit frequency system

Hello :slight_smile:

I have habit rows…
i compute if the streak is succeed (at present time)

I managed to do it for daily habits with
=> IF “current day” is within maths: “LASTLY DONE DATE” + 24H = STREAK IS TRUE (currently succeed/not failed yet)

User will want to do it at different frequency…
#daily habits :heavy_check_mark:
#- specific days of the week habits (monday yes, tusday no, wednesday no, thursday yes …): :sos:

i know how to use (found the topic :partying_face:):
→ the weekday(day) math function. to get the day if the week number(1,2,3,4,5,6,7)
→ easier option as David recommended: Glide • Format Date column

I have a feeling it’s more of a math game than logic… but i’m below average in Maths ><

In a nutsheel
How to create a system of columns, inside a row, to have habits automatically marked as CURRENT/DONE/FAILED according to specific days of the week? (customised by user)

Thanks in advance