Greetings from sunny Gold Coast, Australia 🏖️

Hi all!

My name is Marco.

I’m a low-code enthusiast and wine lover :wine_glass:

I lived in Hong Kong for about 5-6 years and recently moved back home to the Gold Coast, Australia.

Over the past 10+ years I’ve built dozens (if not hundreds) of low-code apps and websites, raised venture capital, had a lot of fun and made some serious errors along the way…

And after all of that, I realised that creating something from nothing using low-code platforms is what I’m most passionate about.

It’s the power of creation at your fingertips!

Anyway, my latest venture ( teaches people who aren’t coders how build amazing apps, websites and automations using low-code platforms.

To get the ball rolling, I’ve filmed a free tutorial that shows you how to build an awesome On-Demand Design App (similar to DesignJoy or Design Pickle) in Glide from start to finish.

I thought it would be really useful for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs who want to add an on-demand aspect to their business and automate all of the operations associated with that.

The only problem is… It’s 5hrs long :sweat_smile:.

I’m going to post it to Youtube, but I’m debating wether or not to split it up into numerous videos and create a playlist, or leave it as a huge 5hr tutorial?

What are your thoughts?
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

And if you ever want to chat about Glide or need a hand with anything I’m always happy to help.

Cheers! :beers:


hey Marco, welcome to the Glide Community. Always happy to see a fellow Aussie :slight_smile:

5 hours, seriously?

um, no thanks. No way I’m even going to start watching that, no matter how good it might be. In my view, 20 minutes is already way too long for a Glide Tutorial. It’s just too difficult to stay focussed, especially when you’re trying to digest and absorb new concepts.

So yeah, speaking with my content consumer hat on, I’d say you definitely should break that up into a series.


Thanks for the feedback Darren.

It’s more of a step-by-step online course than a simple tutorial, which is why it’s as long as it is.

I filmed it with the intention of splitting it up into a series of easily digested chunks, but after doing a little research on Youtube I noticed a few 4+ hours long coding tutorials on Youtube and started tossing up the idea of combining it all into one single video…

I wasn’t convinced, which is why I posed the question here.

Hello Marco, welcome to the Glide community.

I believe that there’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to content online: some like text, others video, others sound, short, really short, long, really long, detailed, quick overview, structured, stand alone, etc.

When I work with content, whether my own or for a client, I insist on the importance of repurposing. One piece of content repurposed many times in many formats.

You have a 5-hour video. You can probably slice and dice and repurpose your video to your heart’s content for a long time. If it were me, I would consider posting the 5-hour video, as well as shorter extracts, and snippets, and so on.


Thanks Nathanael!

There is certainly a lot that can be repurposed/extracted.

I cover everything from start to finish, and in doing so explore a lot of different field types, relations, problem solving, webhooks, emails, automations, etc.

Since the video is essentially done at this point, I’ll spend a little time splitting it up into a playlist series and note down some clips/snippets that can be extracted as standalone content in the process.

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For reference, I’m completely non-tech.

I see nothing wrong with long videos, they can always be replayed.
However, bookmarks / timestamps for each topic are a must!!

I think there is A LOT of room for improvement, or opportunity, in no Code edu


After viewing your site:

  • Your intro video explaining WHY I should learn is well done.

  • Are you charging me to learn? You need to provide a SOLID FREE demo (At the very least). I would strongly encourage you to give away, for lack of better terms, Glide 101 basics / intermediate. And charge for 3rd party services and advanced stuff. You may even be able to find a third party to pay you… (cough cough atGLIDE )

  • I want to pay for YOUR teaching style; not the subject you are teaching ( I am 100% certain that 90% of your competition doesn’t understand this )

  • I’m passionate about quality edu. I could go on for days. To sum it up: Get lots of feedback. Overbuilding, without getting feedback, especially in edu, can be expensive. Make sure you’re asking the right questions. Good luck! @Loqode

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Thanks for your feedback Toddy!

I will definitely be using time-stamps etc for every video, even if they’re split into smaller more-digestible chunks.

And I totally agree with your thoughts on the no-code/low-code education space having room for improvement… This is in-part why I created Loqode. Shorter-form entertaining content has it’s use, but I’ve also noticed people are hungry long-form, well thought out educational content… So I’m sure I’ll find my niche (content wise) somewhere in-between.

I also think you’re spot on with your comment on overbuilding.
A 5hr video is overkill for my first piece of content :sweat_smile: but it’s already complete so I’ll post it and move forward from there.
As for the website, it’s a work-in-progress that I’ll be tweaking over time as I get a more concrete idea of my audience and my offering.
So your questions about costs etc will be resolved as the site nears completion!

Anyhow, thanks for your input!

Cheers :beers: