Doesn’t GOOGLETRANSLATE function work with ARRAYFORMULA?

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Doesn’t looks like it, but this post might have a possible solution.

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Unfortunately the informed solution was not helpful

Hi @Alex_Calandrino, that’s strange that you are saying the solution from the article @Jeff_Hager suggested didn’t work.
I’ve tried the formula below for my file - it translates complete column A from russian to german and it works perfectly.

GOOGLETRANSLATE(TEXTJOIN(". ", 1, A1:A), “RU”, “de”), “.”))))


This is amazing! Thanks @NataliaGo @Jeff_Hager for sharing


This is not work for
GOOGLETRANSLATE(TEXTJOIN(". ", 1, A:Z), “RU”, “de”), “.”))))

any one can help ??

I made a sample for you, so you could copy paste it. you have at least one mistake, it’s not A:Z, it should be one column.


Depending on your country, you may also need to use semicolons (;) instead of commas (,) in your formulas.

Thanks !
But When I select range A2:A Error come … "Text result of TEXTJOIN is longer then the limit of 50000 characters.

That means you exceeded the limits of Google sheets. The formula creates one long string of characters before splitting it up into separate rows. That string is more than 50000 characters. You may have to restructure your sheet or find a script that will perform the translations.