Google Street View as image

Here is a challenge for you. I have 50 uk addresses and need to display, as an image, the google street view of each address. Is there a wizzy way of accomplishing this? Thanks

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Is this an option?

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You can add a template column with this url:" + [ADDRESS COLUMN] + "&fov=70&key=[YOUR-APY KEY])


Excellent thanks :pray: will give it a try later :+1:

Cool. I’m planning a home owners association directory. This will help

This is extremely cool. What would be my APY-key? I assume it might be the Zapier API key or something? If it’s Zapier, do I need to create a Zap for this function? thanks!

You need to establish a an account with Google maps to aquire an API key. Nothing to do with Zapier.


thank you, Jeff! I’m working on it now. Would the APi look something like two random words put together by a dash and then some numbers? like “cogent-series-3876”. Having some troubles locating the actual key now that I’ve signed up. super excited to get this in the app!

start with google scripts… and if you cant do it… then go to third-party solutions…
now Glide has a customized web view in a starter… just $25/month… (hope they will increase edits)… or full screen in free PLAN…

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An API key should be a long string of random letters and numbers. Something like a GUID or UUID unique ID. With or without hyphens depending on the specifications of the API you are trying to access.


“Google Maps Platform FAQ | Google Developers”

Not sure where you seeing the two words and a number as your API key. That’s the format that glide uses for random urls for apps i til you rename it.

Any service that provides a public API should have documentation somewhere that explains how to obtain and how to use the API.


Here’s a full guide.