Google signup hidden

When a new potential user goes to my app they arrive at an intro page, then when they click ‘signup’ they are taken to the signup page - the problem is the keyboard is automatically open and hides the ‘signup with google’ which is what I want them to do… is there a setting I should be changing? thanks


That’s odd, and that’s not the behaviour that I see.
The keyboard will normally only pop up after you tap in the email entry field. Are you sure that users aren’t doing that?

I’ve watched over the shoulder of a couple of people and it does it automatically. this is while its added as a link from the home screen, and plainly through the browser

That is strange. I can only guess that it’s an OS level setting somewhere. That screen shot looks like it’s from IOS/Safari, yes?

Yes IOS Safari - it’s strange, i’m trying it again now and its not happening - it seems irregular

I did a bit of Googling, but couldn’t find anything conclusive, sorry. There doesn’t appear to be any IOS setting that controls this behaviour. Certainly not under Settings->Accessibility->Keyboard.

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I had the same experience in other apps since the last iOS update. But fortunately, we are still given the Done button on the keyboard, so that the closed part can be seen.

The problem is that new potential users don’t see the ‘signup with google’ so they don’t know its an option…

Another strange occurrence also happened to the video player. When the display is maximized and if it is playing, the video will pause/stop for a moment if I rotate the view. But this does not happen in the Youtube application. I do not understand the cause of all this.