Google Reviews

How can I add a google review through a glide app?

For example: Lets say that I am at a jobsite, the job is finished, and quickly before leaving I request the customer to give me a google review using my ipad (I would give the customer my ipad which has my app open so he/she can write their review through my app).
The customer would have to sign in using their google account to be able to leave a google review.
After the customer submits the review, then that review would automatically show up in my business google reviews.

This is only my own opinion, but I wouldn’t feel comfortable reviewing a business right in front of them. Same with logging into my google account on a device that’s not mine.

In either case, I doubt this would be possible. To leave a google review for a business, a user would have to be signed into google services with their google account on that device. This is quite a bit different compared to using google authentication to sign into an app. Using google to sign into an app only allows the user to sign into that app using the current google user that is currently signed into the device. This doesn’t open up the app to use any other google services on that user’s behalf.