Google My Business to Sheets Integration

Does anybody know how to pull data from Google My Business or Foursquare to a Google Sheet? That way the input data in the app will remain up to date. Cheers!


You could probably find a Zapier! If you didn’t know, Zapier automates tasks for you, and I think it works for free! When I searched Zapier for automation between Google My Business & Sheets, it came up with two results: 1 & 2.
Sorry if these don’t work out for you because they both take only reviews from Google My Business( Maybe you could make your own Zapier).
Also, I searched and it does not have any automations between Foursquare and google sheets.

Hey thanks so much for getting back. Yea I looked into Zappier and several other integration platforms but they only do it with your own business account, while I want to do this for all business visible in Google My Business.

I also tried screen scraping by importing with XML but didn’t manage to make it work.

Thanks though.

Check out Integromat before you give up.

You are welcome! :smiley: