I made an app for students, something like glossary. students have the task to enter words / terms and write a definition about that word.

how do i make that student can’t enter a word in the app if it’s already listed?

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You can create a custom form (a button that links to “This item”).

Then create two user-specific fields: Word & Definition. Create a relation from the word entry field to the list of existing words.

Let users write into those fields using text entry components. Then when word is not empty and definition is not empty, show a button “Send” that has 2 branches of action logic.

  • If relation of word is not empty => Show fail notification saying this word has already existed (or you can opt to show this as a text when the word is entered so the user won’t take time to enter the definition).

  • If relation of word is empty => Add new row in the Words sheet, writing word & definition to the correct columns, then use a set column action to clear the entry columns.


Thank you @ThinhDinh !!

I will try!

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