Glideapps merchandise?

Hello! I was wondering if there is any merchandise shop for Glideapps? I can’t seem to find any shop on the website and I also see no other topics asking this question.

I’m just curious because I would love to buy a t-shirt with the logo.

Thank you in advance for all of your replies!

I don’t think so… but you can print your own… simply save the Glide logo and print a special sticker that you can iron on the t-shirt… there are some available in Staples, and for sure… many online… or you can order printed t-shirts :wink:

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Oh, I see… I really hoped there was a shop for Glide merch so I didn’t have to manually do things myself.

I hope Glide starts selling some hoodies and t-shirts in the future tho!

I will mark this question as resolved for now

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They do have t-shirts, I know because I’m lucky enough to have one :wink:

But I don’t think they are available for sale. Maybe they will be in future… @NoCodeAndy? :thinking:


We don’t have one right now, but if there’s interest in, say, a community shop… :eyes:


Well, you can start the list of interested people with me haha! I would love to get a hoodie/t-shirt from the shop!

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