Glide Translator and Gas Prices

Yes, without the confirmation dialog I think that this will be a big problem, but right now the UX is not great. I’ve tested with 8 users last week and 7 have clicked “Delete” when trying to Edit, than they read all the dialog text and realize that it’s not the right button. I think that the most important action for forms is “Submit” or “Edit” (Done), but delete is the biggest cta. Also, ergonomically, the button on the bottom of the screen is easier to click than the right corner (at least for me).


Nicely done @ionamol !

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Thanks @Ken!

We will make the Delete button less primary!


Thanks @david! It’s impressive how fast you ship ship new features and changes to make Glide better. I stoped using for a month or so and was amazed when I came back! Congrats you have a true fan :smile:


I’m sure that even the devs at Glide are surprised at their own fast-paced, user-guided advancement.

It’s fans like you, with skills like yours, that make them and fans like us more proficient and able to draw in even more disciples.

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Thanks for the kind words, @Les_Henderson !

Just added a new “feature”: Multi-Language Apps!

I was trying to help @eltintero with his app and just implemented that to test some stuff.
I created the original text in Portuguese and used Google Translate formula to translate to English (All in the same row in this case, but can be done using multiple rows also). Then I used “visibility” rules and “choice” component to handle what appears on the screen.
Right now I think that is the best solution for multi-language apps because the Google Translate formula run only one time, instantly changing what is on the screen. :brazil: / :us:

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Wow, it’s so fast!
I’m trying to do it as well, but it takes a while.
I have a column in EN and a column in ES, and depending on the choice, it loads either or.

However it takes several seconds for it to work.

Really interesting. Well done @ionamol

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So with all the help (And all the credit) to @ionamol, I have my kinda-bilingual app.
It’s not bilingual from a master-view yet (it would involve a LOT of work) but at least the tours are now bilingual.


Just tested and works perfectly, congrats! Glad to help!

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I’m thinking that if there are more than 1 user in the app, and 1 changes the LANG, then everybody else gets affected. Right?

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Yep but I think it is possible to create a work around with “per user” filter, something like that:

  • Create a user table querying the unique emails from your logins table.
  • Add a “selected language” column to the user table.
  • Create a new row for each unique email, all with the same content but each one with their selected language.

Don’t know if it is the best way (and requires some work), but I think it works, didn’t tried though.

Just adding this in here in case it’s useful to anyone.

Allows for user submitted translations. (Personal phrase book, admin language updates)


Very good, I am developing a delivery application and I want to integrate a text message button, since in my country banks have a way to pay via text message just by placing specific data, I am copying the code you leave to continued: “sms: // [phone-number]? & body = [text]” and paste it in the section of my google sheet, when I press the button it takes me to my text messages on my cell phone to the number I specified in the code, but it does not generate the message that I place, do you know why?

great app you have there. how do you submitt the phrase to get a response!

@eltintero I would be interested to see how you have implemented the bi-lingual solution. Is it across the entire app or just specific section within the app?

I have 2 columns, one in English and one in Spanish.
If the user selects Spanish in the choice component, then I’ll hide the English column and show the Spanish one.