Glide + stripe fees on new pricing

Hi all esp @david,

Can anyone shed light on the impact of new pricing structures for checkouts via stripe? Previously Glide charged a fee on top of the 2.9% stripe fee. what happens now and when does this change go live?

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Now, Glide will not charge any additional fees on top of stripe. This is immediately effective if you are already using the new team pricing.

Thanks muchly @Jeff_Hager. That at least makes the monthly increase easier to swallow.

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Shame the Buy button has gotten no love in years though. Hope there are plans to make the component more flexible.


Plus: subscriptions!

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one can only hope :sob:

+1 - At least record the Stripe transactions inside Glide Tables. Currently, transactions are only saved in the App:Sales table in Google Sheets. Why, oh why? :sob:

Yeah, I agree.
We recently built a fairly large app and we integrated Stripe’s API, with Make, to bring back data into Glide… but Glide could DEF make it easier for no coders with a decent Stripe integration directly in glide