Glide Privacy Flowchart

Thanks for the link

I’ve watched the video and i didn’t find what i’m looking for

I’ve created an app in which i collected job contact (mail, school, phone numbers…)
I want every colleague who dl the app to have all access and all the contacts visible, but i simply don’t want other people to see datas

Here’s the link

If you click on it, you can access

I simply want something to block people who are not colleague

If you have an idea it would be great

You need to make your App private, and only allow those that you choose to sign in. You can configure that under Settings->Privacy.



I found a way, by creating a new table in my sheet and copy all the mail I’ve in the other ones (I copy them in the same lign, one by box)

Then setting => privacy=> private => all emails in table => choose the new table created

It works, perhaps it will help

Thanks for all