Glide app Combining multiple linked record fields into one field

I want to combine these 3 columns into one column (screenshot) and keep the relationships.
Can someone please help me maybe?

Relations don’t contain values. They just contain links to related rows. Also, they do not return a specific column, as they are a link to an entire row.

If you need a specific column value from each of those 3 relations, then you will also need 3 Lookup columns that each return a specific column value from each of those relations.

Finally create a template column, set the the tempate to 1 2 3, and replace each of those numbers with the appropriate Lookup column. (This will only work if your relation is set to a single relation. Just make sure “multiple” is not selected in the relation configuration")


Oh wow! thank you so much for the fast answer!! i will try it ASAP.

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it did work!!! :partying_face: thank you again!

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