Get the First Letter in a Word

Hi Everyone,

I need to get the first letter in a word in my Airtable Table. I used Regex ( copied from Airtable Community Topic ) with a formula column but I’m getting the first two letters. But I need only the first letter.

Here’s the Regex that I copied from Airtable Forum:

REGEX_REPLACE(Name, "\\B\\w+\\W*", "")

Not sure how to do it. I’m new with Regex :slightly_smiling_face:

Appreciate any help!

Thank you

Are you doing this in Airtable, or in Glide?

Thanks Darren for that fast reply!

In Airtable.

Thanks again for the reply!

oh, in that case I can’t help you - sorry

No problem Darren! Thanks for your reply!

I like to ask if I do this in Glide with the Extract Matching Column what would be the Regex Code?

I know there is a Plugin that already created for this user case but I like to use every features in Glide :upside_down_face:

It depends on your definition of a letter. Most likely what you want is ^(\w)

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Yeah! After some research finally I found how to do this on Airtable! :partying_face:

This is the Regex Code :

REGEX_EXTRACT(Name, "\\b[a-zA-Z]")


And the result :


And also thanks Darren because your code also works on Glide Too!

Code :



Result :


Thanks again Darren for your fast reply and help! Really Appreciated!

Glide Rock :sunglasses:

Thank you


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