Get First Initial of a Last Name

Split Text > Single Value Column COMBO


Very nice!

We just need some text manipulation functions in Glide.

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Very nice @Robert_Petitto !

The column is experimental, but you can use Excel/GS formulae directly in Glide Tables: hyperformula column. I’ve experimented a bit, it’s worked for my simple tests.

Happy Glidiversary! :tada:

I just used a similar approach to get “F. Last” (but only if you’re not a supplier).
Like so:

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Here’s an alternative version using Excel formula.


Only works on an Excel data source? Or any?

That “Excel Formula” column should be available on any data sources. JavaScript can work as well, but I think Excel should be enough for this case.

IF(A2<>"Supplier",LEFT(A1,1)&". "&RIGHT(A1,LEN(A1)-FIND(" ",A1)),A1)