Get Glide Rows from

Hi guys, my first time trying to get rows from make… i’m trying to get a row based on a payment ID from the first module but i’ve got this issue coming up:

I would’ve thought you’d have to determine what rows you want to return but there’s nowhere to determine that info.

Any help would be much appreciated

Which Plan are you on?

The error suggests that you are on a Plan that doesn’t support the queryTables endpoint.

On the team plan for glide and core for make…

i see the call API is available for business, that might be my issue

Call API is a separate feature.
But yes, you need Business to get access to the queryTables endpoint.


@Darren_Murphy Im on a business legacy plan, but my Get Rows module just has inputas for table, but no options to filter in any way, and the only output it seems to prpduce when run is the table ID. Am i doing something else wrong?

The Glide Make module doesn’t support filtered queries. You would need to use a HTTP module.