GET API request to display in Glide


I’m fairly new to both Glide and APIs and still brushing up my knowledge but I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction for a tutorial or explanation as to how, if at all possible, I could accomplish the following:

Create a search form on Glide (this I have managed) that then returns and displays available properties on a site like Airbnb using this API Airbnb API Documentation (3b-data-3b-data-default) | RapidAPI


Here’s a relevant discussion

Long story short:

  1. Fetch results (formatted in JSON) using JavaScript or fetch JSON column
  2. Create a new, helper table with x number of rows and a number column (add indices 0 through x-1 where x is number of properties you want to return)
  3. Bring in the JSON using a single value column
  4. Parse the JSON using JavaScript columns referencing the index. One column per field you want to extract from the JSON.
  5. Display the helper table in a collection in your app

Thanks @Robert_Petitto ! I actually managed to figure it out via one of your Youtube vids, appreciate your help.


Any time!

Here’s a better way to do this now: 🆕 Call API: call custom APIs, and return data back to your app