Geolocate a city automatically

Greetings to all. I have a curiosity that could be interesting for many of us: have any of you had the opportunity to geolocate a city automatically, knowing latitude and longitude, as, for example, the weather services do? Let me explain better: we have the possibility to activate this service from Glide and it returns in column lat and long. Knowing these values, we need a procedure that can find the corresponding city. Has anyone already experimented with some solutions?

Yep! Been able to do this using fetch column:


Thanks, @Robert_Petitto, as always very helpful. I will try this method that you brilliantly illustrated in your video.

Hi @Robert_Petitto , I just tried the procedure, first as you performed it, then with Reverse, because I was interested in the procedure that retrieves the city for me, but it returns the INVALID JSON error. Do you know why?

Okay, I answered my own question. I used the test found in glide and from this example link - -
I found the city with: .address.village!
Thanks for everything :slight_smile:

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