Translating geo coordinates into location names

Does anyone know how to translate the coordinates recovered from the Location component and translate it into the actual names of the locations?

I’m trying to have my users input their location, then use those coordinates to automatically identify their location names and include it in their public profile.

PLease see @Robert_Petitto Geoapify Tutorial , use the same API - only change is to use another kind of the same API. Details here Reverse Geocoding API | Developer Documentation | Geoapify
Be @ Glide)
Just be careful from picking API to match, elsewhere you will fire all the limits of free plan :face_with_peeking_eye:


Found another one that may help! : Get Address.mp4 on Vimeo

I use Nominatim a lot nowadays, mostly for auto-fill purposes. Works pretty well.


Thanks guys! I watched @Dilon_Perera’s video and will be using the Nominatim API. I was looking through the video and I saw they use an external code column where they used Javascript code to split the collected coordinates. How do I do that exactly? Not sure if I should be plugging in some sort of URL to the external code column setting to get things going or if theres another way to separate the coordinates that are in one column. Thanks!

Actually, nvm I figured it out - the information I needed was in the plugins section Plugins • Glide.

I have new a question now; any advice on parsing out the location to just the city, county, and state?

For example, instead of

3625, Glendon Avenue, Palms, Los Angeles, Los Angeles County, California, 90034, United States

I would like

Palms, Los Angeles County, California

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Yeah, buddy it’s possible!

Made a video! : fetch city , county, state.mp4 on Vimeo

I forgot tell you that once you get the values separately you can use a template column to join them together!

And the JQ Query for get them in one column!

.address.suburb + " , " + .address.county + " , " + .address.state

Thank you


I think this should be the preferred way. Less computation to be done compared to 4 columns, I think.


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